Aadhavan G S

Duration8 Years

No Of Stages5

No Of Exits4

Enenthros Entrepreneurial Internship has been into existence since October' 2011. Our internship includes Five Stages that spread across Eight Years to make every single intern who wish to become an upcoming entrepreneur.

Each stage has an exit-point for interns who want to break Enenthros Entrepreneurial Internship.

Stage-1: Technology Specialization
Stage-2: Management
Stage-3: Business Acumen
Stage-4: Administration
Stage-5: Entrepreneurship



8 Years built-in with 5 Stages upon 4 Exits.

What Upcoming Entrepreneurs Say?

Imran Testimonail

I approached Glarel with only intention of learning Java, but as the sessions went through I realized am not only gaining knowledge in Java but I had actually started to understand mySELF in a better way. Thanks to Glarel in identifying me to offer me an Entrepreneurship Internship 3 Years program. Read More

Syed Imran Mohammed Intern
Hema Testimonail

I was too shy, filled with too much of inferiority complex, lack of confidence. I cannot do the simple things easily like everyone, so that I often think that am fit for nothing. But undergoing into this Entrepreneurship course makes me not only to explore what is Entrepreneurship, but also makes me to explore myself & the knowledge Read More

Hemavathy M Intern
Ruthra Testimonail

I see 2 extreme types of personalities leading their life journey, the one part create a safe and secured family and the second part of people dedicating their life for society. I observe many choosing their life to create a secured family life. Only few dedicate life for society, it does not mean that whoever not dedicated their life for society Read More

Ruthrakumaran R Intern
Monicka Testimonail

Glarel made me to understand mySELF... Now I feel myself eligible to take part in Top Management discussions and decisions in a short span of 3 years time. Glarel's real time training helps me to learn many business techniques from legends in a quick time. I learned from you to love my profession even in tough situation. Read More

Monicka Akilan Intern
Aadhavan Testimonail

In my childhood age my ambition is to become a software engineer but later when I know the work nature I didn't like IT industry. So that I did my graduation in Electrical. Even I didn't attend any interview for IT industry. But there is an opportunity came on my way to join in Glarel Internship. Glarel gave me the understanding Read More

Aadhavan G S Intern
Madhavan Testimonail

Before my internship at Glarel, I didn't have any knowledge about IT industry. I had a different perception about IT industry thinking that it is entirely vary from other fields. But Glarel internship help me to possess the knowledge in both software technologies and non-technical skills such as communication, Read More

Madhavan G S Intern
Venky Testimonail

Glarel is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they possess and let their talents prosper in a positive working IT environment. I am able to develop myself both personally and professionally in a Productive manner. Glarel is a meticulous place to work with colleagues Read More

Venkateshwara Rao D Intern

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